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The overwhelming majority of buyers begin their search for a home online, thus they base their initial assessment of a property ads on the listing images. Most likely, before reading the description or moving on to the next property, they will look at the photographs and make their decision. All of us have come across postings with photos that are blurry or pixelated, weren't taken with a wide-angle lens, or showed restrooms with the toilet seats up. Don't even start me on the upside-down and reverse-oriented photographs that are posted. Don't let you or your team make the same mistakes that beginners do. 6. Keep an eye on the opposition Keep an eye on the marketing strategies used by the best agencies and agents. See how they phrase their content and descriptions by looking at their websites and listings. Look at their social media accounts to discover the kinds of posts they share. You may use this study to find out what's effective, what isn't, and perhaps where there are market gaps. Many real estate agents and brokers are more than ready to provide guidance if you have queries or need assistance.