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In the 1970s, when the real estate industry was at its peak, people were exposed to 500 advertising per day. I'm sure closing a business was straightforward back then. A study on ad exposure conducted decades later (in 2007) indicated that adults in the 2000s were exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. You can only imagine what this figure is today with all of the social media traffic going through phones So, how should a real estate investor design their marketing approach for the 2020s? It's difficult since you have to compete harder for motivated sellers' attention. After all, the number of commercials they are exposed to has increased tenfold. But don't give up on your high-converting campaigns. But don't give up on real estate advertising ideas just yet, because there is a silver lining to this dramatic shift in the marketing scene. You, like the ordinary customer, are exposed to thousands of adverts per day. In some ways, you are an expert because you have been performing your "research" for years. You do it on the couch, during your daily commute or at work, and after work when you watch a movie to unwind. Developing Real Estate Ad Concepts Seeing an advertisement is obviously easier than creating one. This is where we come in to share real estate advertising ideas. They are aimed towards persons who are stuck in a creative rut as well as those who are just starting out in real estate investing. market. These days, you can advertise a Commercial Real Estate PPC ad through a variety of media venues, including social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube), but also traditional media such as radio or television. With the exception of a few outliers that will only work in one medium, the following topic ideas are broad and can be applied in a variety of media. Let's get started. The advertisement "My Stats Are Great"   You may boast about statistics that present a positive image of your real estate company. The figures are not the only thing in the advertisement. In the introduction, you can include a hook, such as "sell your house without a realtor or listings." The figures could be illuminated from various angles. If you want to, Real Estate Advertising Platforms You might showcase your all-time sales figures to illustrate that you have a good long-term track record. Say something like, "We've closed x number of houses this year, and it's only March!" if you're having a good year. The advertisement with the "Unique Selling Proposition"   Inform visitors about a one-of-a-kind deal that sets you apart from other real estate investors in the area. Obviously, in your market, this concept should be unique, or at the very least uncommon. And it will be unique to each individual.   greater outcomes. The unique selling proposition can vary: maybe you specialize in certain types of transactions, maybe you have a lot of experience, maybe your procedure is optimized... you get the picture. This ad will act as a teaser for something you won't find anywhere else. For example, you could say you offer unlisted homes (or off-market properties) but don't explain how - they'd have to call you to find out. You might also hint that you are excellent at negotiating wholesale deals while without disclosing specifics. You can also make modifications.   Advertisement for a Listing   You've certainly heard of this option, but it's a classic way to place real estate ads, and it's a classic that's here to stay. Furthermore, despite the proliferation of many forms of media (newspaper - radio), - TV - online listings - social media), it is a simple format that hasn't changed much over time.   The Ad in the Community   This is similar to a listings ad, however you are selling the entire real estate market rather than an individual house. The neighborhood ad is great for real estate firms that specialize in houses within a certain ZIP code or city.   You list a property or promote your business, but you use a famous cityscape, such as city towers, as a background. Real Estate Branding Agency Those of you interested in investing in land can do it in an undisturbed setting, such as a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere or something similar. Another technique is to promote the way of life in the neighborhood. Highlights Recreation places, school district benefits, fantastic restaurants and coffee shops, shopping, historic buildings, local culture, and so on are examples. Here's a great example of a vintage lifestyle real estate advertisement.   Commercial "I'm a Local"   Working in a local real estate market allows you to position yourself as a valuable resource to potential buyers and sellers. Instead of promoting your company, introduce yourself. What's great about living here, what's not...You can even end with something like, "come here, and I'll help you find real estate here." It's a successful real estate advertisement for both purchasing and selling.   Commercial for "We Got an Award"   Contrary to popular assumption, this type of advertising is not limited to celebrities. recognition for their work. No, we're not recommending that you fabricate an award and then lie about obtaining it. Please allow me to clarify.   If you have received an award as a Best Real Estate Ads business, whether from the county, a professional association, or house sellers, it is a good idea to start the ad with this information because it establishes credibility right away. However, if you are new to the firm or do not have an award, you can always choose something that makes you proud to be a part of it.